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Most of us dream of buying our first home on that perfect piece of real estate, and then there are those that have the luxury of finding a second home for themself. Whether for business or for pleasure, finding the right property for you is just as important the second time around. For those in British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Surrey is a convenient choice, both in location and cost.

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Located just an hour outside of Downtown Vancouver, many people choose Surrey for its affordability when compared to Vancouver's high real estate prices. Not only do Surrey residents reap the benefits of lower housing prices often found in power of sale properties, but they are still within close proximity to all the luxuries of Vancouver amenities. With the city's excellent transit system, a trip to the city is hassle free.

Not all buyers are concerned with access to shopping and restaurants, however. One of the big reasons for buying a second home is business related. Many self employed entrepreneurs, such as lawyers, dentists, and artisans, need more space than their residential property can provide. Therefore, buying another home to function as an office space or gallery becomes a business venture, one that can pay major dividends. In addition, the property belongs to you, the business owner, so there are no leases or landlords to deal with. There's also nothing to stop you from using the property as a second home as well as your office, giving you a unique flexibility with your purchase.

Then again, why put your money towards a tedious office space when you can just as easily put it down on a picturesque piece of beachfront real estate. Everyone could use a getaway now and then, so why not have a stop you can call your own rather than dealing with hotel bookings or time share worries? Of course, not all getaways need be so far from home. A quick internet search will give you options for quiet, scenic properties within the GTA. If you're a winter sport fanatic, Banff National Park is a great location to find your second home. With some of Canada's most breathtaking scenery and world class ski hills and nature hikes, places like Jasper and Lake Louise offer peace of mind, body, and soul. Where you choose depends solely on your finances and preferences, so if it's a vacation home you're after then you best take your time and find a place suited to you and your family.

Whether for business or pleasure, a second home can be a fantastic and exciting purchase. Knowing where to look can be half the battle, but finding the right place can be a dream come true. When you do find the right place, be sure you arrange to have a home inspection completed. At Housemaster Savannah Home Inspections they suggest always having a thorough inspection to whichever property you are considering to buy as it can result in thousands of dollars in savings. Get help with a mortgage loan from the expert team at The Easy House Loan, an Etobicoke mortgage broker.

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Friday, February 26, 2021