Closing Date

When going through the closing process of a home sale, there are many things that need to be negotiated and sorted out between the selling and buying parties. One of these is to choose a closing date. Sometimes when you're listing real estate, you will do so with a date already set. Other times choosing a date will come from deciding what is best for both parties. Here are some tips and considerations when it comes to dealing with you new or old home's closing date.

If you're selling a home in Surrey and have already closed the deal for your next home then you're likely to want to have a great deal of say on when you will be moving from one property to another. You don't want to have possession of two homes at the same time and definitely don't want to be stranded without a place to stay between properties.

But, sellers must realize that putting a closing date on a home before you have found a buyer can be a dangerous thing. Potential buyers will have a moving schedule to keep as well and it might discourage someone from considering your home if your dates do not completely match up with theirs. Even if you have a closing date in mind already your real estate agent will likely tell you to keep it to yourself until you're in the negotiations stage.

One of the best ways to remain flexible on closing dates is to wait on making a deal for your next home until you have a mutually agreed on closing date set for the home you are selling in Surrey. Allowing the buyer to have more control on the closing date usually is the way to a faster sale. Wait for major negotiations until you are on the better side of the table.

If you need to remain firm on your closing date, then consider giving up something else in exchange for a date that suits you best. If your preferred date means that the buyers will be without a home for a couple of weeks, maybe you could offer to lower the selling price to counter the cost of them renting an apartment or getting a hotel. When dealing with buying or selling it's good to stay open minded no matter if you are the buyer or seller. This is definitely true when choosing a closing date. If you would like to read even more information about the whole closing process on your new home, continue on by reading "Closing On A House".

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