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Surrey, British Columbia is home to a wide range of manufacturing, production and shipping companies. Not a whole lot of people might be aware of what type of items are produced, manufactured or shipped in and out of Surrey. Perhaps those systems shipped to your warehouse might have had a stop through Surrey. Who knows? In this section of our site, we're going to discuss the Surrey manufacturing, shipping and production sectors of Surrey in the hopes of enlightening you a bit. So, how about you close that tab for celebrity gossip and find out a bit about Surrey, British Columbia?

There are so many businesses that operate out of Surrey that we would run out of space on our site mentioning them all. If you are reading this page on your smartphone, you would most definitely run out of data room. So, we're going to limit ourselves to a select few. One such company is Analytic Systems. They design and manufacture such products as battery chargers and DC-DC voltage converters. Their products work in such things as automobiles and heavy equipment. They also supply products to the armed forces. Another company is Canada Ticket Inc. They're a company that produces specialty printers of tickets, labels and tags. They're the company who makes the parking tickets you're issued or the transit pass you get every morning when taking the bus.

There are many other businesses in Surrey in addition to those two. There are companies that deal with manufacturing and technology that is used to secure borders. Other companies produce and ship custom fiberglass products. Perhaps one of their fiberglass window products were used in the wedding rental Hamilton hall you were at last month. There are also companies that operate in making specialized bottle decorations. Surrey companies such as Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. works with a variety of steel products such as manganese steel, cast steel and cast iron castings in order to produce such products as excavation equipment and exhaust manifolds, just to name a few.

So, as you can see, Surrey calls home a variety of businesses who provide many production, manufacturing and shipping services in the Surrey area. You probably didn't even know that so much was happening in the town of Surrey but you definitely do know now. The next time you see a taxi cab pulled over to the side of the road, testing it's battery with a charger, you might want to stop and think to yourself if that battery charger was made in and shipped from Surrey. It very well could have been.

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