Negotiating An Offer

Are you looking to sell a piece of Surrey BC real estate? You can expect to have an easier time with it than someone looking to sell Oshawa real estate back east, thanks to Surrey's continuing strong market. That does not necessarily mean you will get the price for your home you were hoping for.

The entire process of selling a home can be an arduous one, even before the negotiations begin. At that point, things can get downright frustrating. Here in Surrey or back in Halifax, real estate listings almost never sell for what the owner originally asks for. It's all a part of the market process.

So, don't expect that the first offer made by a buyer will match your asking price. On the other hand, you can take some steps to make sure you end up with the money for your home you wanted. Here are some hints.

Prepare yourself with information!

In the negotiating process, information will be your best ally. You want to make a good case to a potential buyer as to why the price you are countering with is fair. That includes comparing an in depth look at the local market, and the sales of comparable homes in your immediate neighbourhood.

Never leave that kind of information gathering up to the last minute. When you do get an offer, you want to make sure to keep that buyer interested right up until the sale is complete; it's a lot like fishing that way! Whether you are trying to sell a home or condo, have the paperwork completed before any buyer comes to you with an offer.

That paperwork should include an appraisal of the home by qualified individuals, with enumerated points as to the highlights of the house. If you just put in a new kitchen, you want to be able to prove that to buyers during negotiations. Itemized lists are a strong ally for any seller.

Be available!

Every home seller needs to make sure she or he is available to their realtor and to potential buyers when negotiations are underway. That might mean getting a cell phone, it might just mean making sure everyone has your work number. The last thing you want is to miss a good offer because you weren't around to field it!

Be prepared for a few rounds

Negotiating on a home price can often be a long and involved process. You should be ready for several offers and to make several counter offers. Make sure you establish a basement price on your home, and never go below it. If that means you don't hear from the buyer again, that's the nature of the business. The last thing you want is to sell your home and find you don't have enough money to purchase again yourself!

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Friday, February 26, 2021