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There are millions of people who love living right in the centre of the City of Vancouver. They bask in the noise and excitement and take advantage of everything from the SkyTrain to the SeaBus. But there are many others who would rather have a home away from it all in a community like Surrey. Luckily for these people, there are homes available in Surrey for those in every price bracket. This guide to the city's real estate prices should help those choose where they want to reside in Surrey.

On average, those who choose to live outside of the city are saving about ten to twenty percent on their home costs. The average cost of a home inside Vancouver's city limits is currently around $600,000. It's very possible to get an average three to four-bedroom home in Surrey for under $500,000.

Because all of Surrey is relatively close to highways and transit routes that will lead you into the city, like many other bedroom communities, when choosing a home most people start by looking at different styles. If you're single or part of a couple and only need a one bedroom home, there are a large variety of condo-style home designs. Some brokers will state that you may pay over $250,000 for a condo with mid-level amenities in Toronto, you can get the same level of design minutes from the Trans Canada Highway in Surrey.

The city hugely expanded with commuter families in the 1970s, so you will see many home designs that come from this era. While when looking at somewhere like Ontario listings you will get a mix of more historic homes and modern designs, here you will see many subdivisions all resembling the same time and style. When looking at the average home, prices between four and five hundred thousand dollars, you will mostly be looking at these one and two storey homes in the seventies design.

If you want something a little more modern, closer to the planned community homes that you will find with large urban cities, you will be paying a little more for it. Newer homes are also usually quite a lot bigger and for a house with roughly three thousand square feet and up to five bedrooms you will see price tags closer to the $700,000 range. There is a huge collection of these new homes available in the south west of Surrey near Highway 99. Listings prices very commonly go into the millions for these properties.

Choosing a home in Surrey means that you still get to experience the beauty of the southern end of British Columbia without all of the cost and chaos of life right in Vancouver. If you're relocating to that area than it might be just the place for you.

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Friday, February 26, 2021